Terry Edwards - Very Terry Edwards

Very Terry Edwards

Terry Edwards

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Terry Edwards - Very Terry Edwards

It’s unusual to write a press release in first person, but this is no ordinary compilation. Very Terry Edwards is a birthday present to myself as much as anything else. When the earliest recording here was made the 18-year old me couldn’t comprehend being 60, yet here I am presenting a triple album containing 60 titles recorded between 1979 and 2020, through thick and thin. And yes - that is me on a camel, in a suit, by the Egyptian pyramids. No digital trickery.

Sure, there are many turns not featured here and I’ve chosen my favourite tracks above more famous ones in many cases but the whole is, ultimately, Very Terry Edwards. If you miss things I’m on by the likes of Siouxsie, Julian Cope, Madness, Tindersticks, Hot Chip and PJ Harvey (though there’s a cracking cover of Medicinals on CD2) I’m sure you can find them quite easily elsewhere.
You never know – I might try it again in 5, 10, 15 years time…


Plenty of Terry Edwards originals here as well as contributions to other bands. The instrumental Boots Off!! From his Scapegoats project is a particular favourite. A real energetic workout replete with some outstandingly addictive sax playing, elegant Hammond organ sounds, a wonderfully melodious bassline and exquisite riffing.



CD Boxed Set (FIT075CD)
    1. The Higsons - We Will Never Grow Old
    2. The Higsons - I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys
    3. The Higsons - Touchdown
    4. The Higsons - Lying On The Telephone
    5. Terry Edwards and Paul Cuddeford - Johnsburg, Illinois
    6. Terry Edwards and Paul Cuddeford - My Funny Valentine
    7. Erika Stucky - Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me
    8. The Wolfhounds - My Legendary Childhood
    9. Robyn Hitchcock - There Ain't No Santa Claus On The Evenin' Stage
    10. kNIFE And fORK - Dream Sweet
    11. Big Joan - The Sucker's Bug (Sucker To Shreds)
    12. Spleen - Vulpine
    13. New York New York - Roger Wilson Said
    14. Terry Edwards - Everything's Alright When You're Down
    15. Stuart A Staples - Say Something Now
    16. BUtterfield 8 - Oakapple Tango
    17. Terry Edwards - Dipped In Tea
    18. Jimi Tenor - Black Hole
    19. Mike Garson - Starman
    20. Kimberley Rew - My Work Here Is Done I Must Return To My Planet
    1. Terry Edwards and The Scapegoats - Boots Off!!
    2. Terry Edwards and The Scapegoats - Pedestrian
    3. BUtterfield 8 - Watermelon Man
    4. Terry Edwards - Friday I'm In Love
    5. Terry Edwards and Neil Fraser - Harlem Nocturne
    6. Terry Edwards and Neil Fraser - Blind Love
    7. Terry Edwards and Neil Fraser - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
    8. Terry Edwards and Neil Fraser - Gardening Leave
    9. Lisa Ronson - Shakin' All Over
    10. Franz Ferdinand - Feel The Love Go
    11. 18 Wheeler - Stay
    12. Terry Edwards and David Coulter - The Knife
    13. The Finnmark Four - Medicinals
    14. Terry Edwards - I'll Go Crazy
    15. Department S - Somewhere Between Heaven And Tesco's
    16. Nitwood - Carburettor
    17. Terry Edwards - Inspired By I.P.C.R.E.S.S.
    18. Terry Edwards - Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner
    19. Terry Edwards and Seamus Beaghen - A Musical Offering You Can't Refuse
    20. The Havering Youth Orchestra - Finlandia
    1. The Near Jazz Experience - Voodoo Child (Gideon Coe Session)
    2. The Near Jazz Experience - Double Trouble (Gideon Coe Session)
    3. The Near Jazz Experience - Limbo Jazz (Gideon Coe Session)
    4. The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra - Ali Baba
    5. Rhoda Dakar - Comfort Zone
    6. Terry Edwards' Ska Allstars - Totally Wired
    7. The Nightingales with Vic Goddard - Commercial Suicide Man
    8. Serious Drinking - Don't You Want Me?
    9. Snuff - Chocs Away
    10. Snuff - Dirty Old Legend
    11. Glen Matlock & The Philistines - The Swanker
    12. Gallon Drunk - The Rotten Mile (Live In Prague)
    13. Terry Edwards and The Scapegoats - Margaret Thatcher We Still Hate You
    14. Terry Edwards and The Scapegoats - You'll See Glimpses
    15. The Blockheads - Inbetweenies
    16. Lush - Burnham Beeches
    17. Gallon Drunk - The Shadow Of Your Smile (Instrumental)
    18. Terry Edwards - Half Nelson
    19. Darren Hayman And The Secondary Modern - Art And Design
    20. Slick Sixty - Margo's B&B